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High School Allstars 2018

Again the University of Memphis Rugby Team will host the Memphis High School Allstars match.  This year we will feature a girls 7s match just prior to a boys 15s match.  The girls 7s match will kick off at 6:00 pm on Friday June 8 at McBride Field at Tobey Park.  The boys match will kick off immediately following the girls match.

For the HS Allstars:  Practice for the boys will be on Tuesday June 5 and Thursday June 7 on McBride Field at Tobey Park.  Tuesday will be a skills assessment and Thursday will be preparations for the match on Friday.

The following boys have been selected to participate in the All Star match.

At prop:

Ryan Bullock (G) Henry Valle (G) DeKauri Beam (FP)
Eric Hubbard (FP) Jones Casper (CBHS) Carlos Foster (W)

At Hooker:

Stephen Walker (FP) Thomas Fracchia (H)
Anfernee Little (PCA) Kevin “Dusty” Beeler (So)

At Second Row:

Nicholas Holeyfield (FP) Colin Remscheid (CBHS) Syon Miller (PCA)
Shakir Miller (PCA) Gavyn McDonald (St) Justin Nold (St)

At Flanker and #8:

Gummy Snipes (G) Andrew Turk (G) Chris Jones (FP) Connor Saig (CBHS)
Kean Fenton (PCA) Michael Lyons (PCA) Russell Webb (St) Kaivion Nisby (So)

At Scrum Half:

Max Pleban (G) Terry Ransom (FP)
Erik Freeman (PCA) AJ Wilson (St)

At Fly Half:

Finlay Bolan (G) Jalen Jones (FP)
Grant Caldwell (CBHS) Anthony Gatti (CBHS)

At Center:

Chris Warner (St) Landon Schmidt (G) KaDerrius Campbell (FP)
Nate Landwehr (CBHS) Javon Martin (PCA) Andrew Morin (W)

At Wing:

Aidan Riseling (G) Aaron Todd (FP) Jacoby Dowell (W)
Joshua Scott (W) Jonah Blancett (CBHS) Mieki Saulsbury (So)

At Fullback:

Lincoln Pare (G) Josh Thomas (St)

The High School Girl Allstars will be announced once the selections are final.

All-Stars must be at both practices to be able to participate in the match.  Also, they must pay the $20 participation fee.  For the fee, the HS Allstars will be able to participate in the match and get a skills assessment and a T-shirt to commemorate their selection as a High School All-star.  All-star T-shirts for family members and friends will be available for purchase at the event, but the All-Star player shirt is unique.

Any selected player who finds they cannot compete during this week, should let us know asap so we can fill the available slots with players who wish to participate. (contact Coach Cole 901-482-3721)

We look forward to working with you next week.

White Station Sends Kobe to the Tigers

We are excited about signing players to join the Memphis Tigers Rugby Team.  Today we report on the signing of Kobe Dowell.

Here are Kobe’s details:

Kobe Dowell stands 5’11” and weighs 165 lbs.  He played for the White Station Rugby Team for two years at wing and fullback. Kobe earned honors while playing for White Station being named the Most Valuable Back and by earning the Coaches Award.  Besides rugby, he also played football and baseball while in high school.  He is active in his church and plans to attend Southwest Tennessee Community College this year where he will specialize in Diesel Mechanics.

Tigers Gain Six Players from Storm

Front row from L-R – Chris, AJ, Danny, Gavin, Jeremiah and Kenny

We are excited about signing six new players to the Memphis Tigers Rugby Team from the Storm Rugby Club.  These players plan to play for Memphis this fall.

Here are the details on the new recruits:

Gavyn McDonald stands 6’2”and weighs 285 lbs.  He played for the storm for four years at lock, prop and #8 Gavyn was named to the Memphis All-Star team in 2018 and was the captain of the Storm team.  He plans to study Kinesiology at Memphis.

A. J. Wilson stands 5’7’ and weights 155 lbs. He played for the storm for three years and specialized in wing and fly half with some time at scrum half.  He earned a 4.0 GPA while in HS and plans to study Business Management while in college.

Christopher Warner stands 5’10” and weighs 200 lbs. He played for the Storm for two years at center and wing.  He also participated in football and wrestling while in high school.  He earned a 3.0 GPA while in high school and he plans to study nursing in college.

Danny Chandler stands 5’11 and weighs 265 lbs.  He played for the Storm for two years at 8-man, flanker and prop.  He also played football while in high school while he earned an academic 3.1 GPA. He plans to study Emergency Medicine.

Jeremiah Russell stands 5’10 and weights 270. He played for the storm for two years specializing at Flanker. He also played football while in high school.  He plans to study marketing in college.

Kenneth Collier stands 6’0” and weighs 150. He played for one year at the Storm and stood at wing.  He earned honors in choir making All Southwest in the chamber choir and performing in the University of Memphis Honor Choir in 2018.  He is interested in kayaking, rowing and canoeing and is a small boating instructor.

We are thrilled to have these lads on our team.