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Time to Re-link Your Kroger Plus Card

Time to Re-link Your Kroger Plus Card

The Tigers get Free Money from Kroger.  All that is required is that you link your Kroger Plus card to the Memphis Tigers.  It is very simple and gets us thousands of dollars but it must be re-linked each year.  So, please re-link today.  Here is how you do it.

Go to and follow the simple instructions. Also, please get every person you know to link their card as well. The more people tied to the card, the more money we get.

Thanks for your support of the Tigers!

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Please help!

Old Boys, Friends, Family and Fans – We need your support. Please join the Tiger Rugby 100 Club and be a person who contributes at least $100 annually to help the club.  It is easy to contribute with Pay Pal…  and if you are tight on funds, set it up to charge your card $10 per month.  Everyone can handle that.  We are trying to get 100 folks to sign up, so everyone must be in.  See more here.

Please update your Kroger Card for Tiger Rugby.  Kroger requires that you select your funds to go to the Tigers each January. So, if you have signed up in the past, please sign up again.  This is free money.  A small portion of each purchase will be given to the Tigers. So, go to this Kroger page to learn more and sign up today. Discover how we can get free money from Kroger.  Thanks for helping with this important initiative.  Do not delay. Do this today.

Schedule Is Posted for 2017-2018

Schedule Is Posted for 2017-2018

The developing schedule is posted for 2017-2018.  Tiger Fans and supporters will want to keep an eye on the schedule to see how things develop.

Here is the link to the schedule. 

Thanks for your support of the Tigers.

BTW… Tiger Stickers are still on sale for $5.00 each. The stickers

Tiger Rugby Stickers

are 4″x4″ vinyl stickers and look great on your car, drink tumbler or on your mirror. You can get one by donating $5.00 (or more if you wish) to Tiger Rugby. All proceeds from the stickers go directly to the lads since the cost of the stickers was donated.

When you donate, be sure to let us know how many stickers you need and provide your address. We are asking that you donate $5 per sticker. Thanks in advance for your donation.


Tiger Summer Practice Starts!

Tiger Summer Practice Starts!

The Memphis Tiger Rugby team starts its summer series of practices on Tuesday, June 20th from 5-7pm.  Practice will be held at the campus of University of Memphis at Memorial Field (451 Zach Curlin Road) and will be led by Coach Steve Swatzyna.

Practice sessions will focus on the basics of ball handling while emphasizing fitness and good form in all aspects of play.  The training will prepare the Tigers for 7s play, since the Tigers start their conference play with two 7s tournaments in September.

All Tigers planning to play for the Tigers in the fall should be in attendance.  Those who miss practice should contact Coach Swatzyna with details.  You can also text or email questions to Coach Swatzyna.

Prepared players will be early for practice, kitted for tackling, running and have mouth gear for protection by 5:00pm.

The Tigers will be playing in the Elvis Tournament in early August so we only have a few weeks to prepare.

Tiger Rugby Stickers Available

Tiger Rugby Stickers Available

For fans, alumni, friends and players.  We now have Tiger Rugby stickers available for you to enjoy.

Whether you use this for your car, your favorite mug or on your mirror at home, these stickers look great.

Stickers are 4″ by 4″ vinyl and crisply printed with the proper logo colors. The tiger jumping over the Memphis “M” after the rugby ball looks great.

Stickers are $5 each and are available by donating the money at the Tiger Rugby Donations page. Just leave a note when you donate stating that you want a sticker and give us your address. You will get one in the mail in a few days. All donations directly support Tiger Rugby, so please donate a few more dollars if you can.

Don’t delay, get one now!  Click here to order.


High School All-Star Week 2017 Was Fabulous!

High School All-Star Week 2017 Was Fabulous!

The Memphis High School All-Stars had a week of work culminating with a match on Friday night under the lights and by all accounts the week was a fabulous success. The players were assessed on Tuesday and had practice on Thursday to prepare for a Friday match. At 7:00 on Friday night (June 9) the girls started us out with a 7’s match followed by a 15s test by the boys.  Matches were played at First Assembly Christian School stadium.

The goals of the High School All-Star week were to:

  • highlight the accomplishments of our better high school players
  • give players an opportunity to be coached by collegiate level coaches
  • develop strong  camaraderie among the high school players
  • advance the level of play in the rugby community

Sponsors for the event were University of Memphis RugbyCole Pain Therapy Group, The Memphis Blues and the Memphis Flamingos.  Cole Pain Therapy Group is a key sponsor in the Memphis rugby community since the practice is owned by Drs. Brad and Richard Cole both long time players, referees and coaches of the game.  The Memphis Blues Rugby club is the local D2 men’s team and they are committed to the advancement of their team and rugby in the Memphis area. They are key sponsors of the University of Memphis Rugby and a highly competitive men’s team.  The Flamingos are the local ladies rugby team.  They regularly vie for national honors due to their strong play. The Blues and Flamingos invite interested persons to contact them regarding playing opportunities.  The doctors at Cole Pain Therapy Group invite persons with spine, muscle and joint problems to call the clinic to discover the conservative treatment options available for them.  The University of Memphis Rugby team sponsored and managed the event with the objective of highlighting the Memphis Rugby Program.

Player pics are up for the matches.  Thanks to Tom Sweeney for his faithful contribution to the weekend.

Here are pics of the lady All-Stars:

Here are the boy All-Stars pics:

Please share and comment on these pics.

The players were kitted in Tytan Rugby jerseys. Tytan Rugby is the new sponsor of the South Independent Rugby Conference.  The leadership of The University of Memphis Rugby program have happily worked with Tytan Rugby for the past year with great success.

*More info will be added to this post as the other pics are available.

Event T-shirts are still available for $25 in white, teal and salmon colors. If you wish to have a T-shirt, please donate $25 on the donate page at and give us your name and address for shipping.  The shirts can also be picked up at Cole Pain Therapy Group.

Thanks to the sponsors, referees, coaches, photographers, videographers, T-shirt sellers, players and the fans that made the week possible.  Thanks importantly to Coach Lowe and First Assembly Christian School for allowing us to use their stadium.  The venue was fabulous.

Best of the Preps in Rugby!

The best of Memphis High School rugby will be on display on Friday night, June 9th in a “Friday Night Lights” mode at First Assembly School stadium.

The best of 2017 high school girls and boys will be competing on Friday night in the first annual high school rugby All-Star match.

This is an opportunity to see the rising stars in local rugby. Many of these stars are moving on to play collegiate rugby, several will be playing at the University of Memphis.

Come on out and support these young ladies and gentlemen and enjoy a great night of rugby.

The matches will start at 7:00 pm at First Assembly Christian School located in Cordova  at 8650 Walnut Grove Road.

The girls will kick-off at 7:00 with a 7s match and the boys will kick off at 7:30 with a 15s match.

Cost to attend is a $10.oo donation for adults and $5.00 donation for students.  Children under 12 are free.  Refreshments will be available along with T-shirts to commemorate the event.

Let’s make this a great family outing.  I hope to see you there.



Logistics for Boys High School All-Stars

Logistics for the Boys All-Star Week

Tuesday, June 6

Where: University of Memphis, Memorial Field, 451 Zach Curlin Street.  Park in the lot and walk up the hill to the field.

Time: 5:00 – 7:00 – you need to be there 15 minutes before practice getting ready

Gear: wear rugby appropriate apparel for tackling.  You can bring a lighter shirt for the first hour where we will be running quite a bit. Need cleats, mouth guard, etc.

We will be performing a Beep Test and 40 yard dash as part of our assessment.  The dash will be on grass so you will need your cleats.  Then we will test your skills in your positions.

There will be a kicking assessment for Kickoff, Clearing kicks and Penalty kicks.  You are allowed to sign up for those kicks at the practice.

Thursday,  June 8

Where: University of Memphis, Memorial Field

Time: 5:00-7:00, be early

We will announce the two sides and will focus on game prep.

Friday, June 9

Time: 5:30 – 9:00

Place: First Assembly Christian School Stadium

This will be a big day.  We need to photograph each player  and video each player before the match.  We have two photographers and a videographer working this event.

The boys and girls will be using the same pitch to warm up prior to the match.

Girls will be announced at 7:00 with kickoff to follow.

Boys will be announced at 7:30 with kickoff to follow.

There will be an awards ceremony after the match.  We will be awarding medals to the best players, most fit, and fastest among other things.