2017 High School All-Star Match

2017 High School All-Star Match

The Memphis Tigers will host the 2017 Memphis HS All-Star Match on Friday, June 9th at 7:00pm at First Assembly Christian School Stadium on Walnut Grove.

Selected High School All-Stars from 7 programs in the Memphis area will display their talents in the sport of rugby.

The event will involve 24 girls All-Stars competing in a 7s match just before 46 Boy All-Stars compete in a 15s match.

The All-Star week will start  on Tuesday, June 6th at 5:00, with a skills assessment of all players.  Squad practice will be on Thursday, June 8th to prepare the respective sides for play.

Skills assessments and practices for girls will be at Tobey while the boys will be at Memorial Field on the U of M campus.

Boy HS All-Stars

The representative All-Star boys have been chosen from a pool of 77 AllStars from 7 programs.  CB-Christian Brothers, P-PowerSchool, F-Freedom Prep, SV-Soulsville, G-Germantown, S-Storm, W-White Station.

We are contacting the boys for availability now. The final participants will be listed in the future.


Any players selected who cannot participate should contact Coach Cole via messing on this site ASAP so alternates may be called up.