2017-2018 Tiger Camp a Success!

The Tiger 2017-2018 rugby camp was a great success this year.

Camp Attendees

The Tigers have a limited amount of time to sort out and develop competencies in the techniques of rugby and this year’s camp gives attendees a huge jump in their skills.

The camp was attended by 19 players who were mostly freshmen. “The first

Coaches Rick Cole, Rick Knowles, Tony Brooks, Marc Holley and Steve Swatzyna. Player coaches Will and Gerald looking on.

competency we needed was tackling”, stated Coach Swatzyna.  “In observing the High School All-Stars we knew that tackling needed to be improved for us to be successful.”

Ball handling and decision making were stressed along with proper ruck play and the set pieces.

The end of the camp was capped off with a friendly match against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  “They gave us the competition we needed to improve and we advanced every play of the game, stated Coach Cole.  “I am very appreciative of the Bulldogs helping us this year.”

Many thanks to guest coaches Marc Holley, Tony Brooks and Rick Knowles.  The camp was only a success because of the talents, wisdom and excellent instruction by these fine coaches. Thanks so much!