Monthly Archives: June 2014

Rugby is a Fraternity

Coaches Swat and Tony conducted a 7s rugby practice a few nights ago at McBride Field at Tobey Park and three gents drove by to join them for the practice. The three were driving thru from New York City heading for Austin Texas where they plan to play in a tournament.  Simply put, they saw the pitch and knew that rugby was alive and well in Memphis.

Swat and Tony with guestsThe three are members of the Big Dogs Rugby Club in New York City. They had a fun run with our lads and added much to the practice.  After practice, the Big Dogs lingered with Swat and Tony at the pitch chatting about rugby.

Rugby is truly a fraternity.  Wherever you go in the world you will meet folks who love the sport and will gladly sit and chat about rugby long into the night.  It was no different with these lads.  They felt comfortable joining in and we were glad to get a chance to meet some fine lads.

What a great sport!