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Tiger vs. MTSU Logistics for Saturday, March 1

MTSUThe Tigers take on MTSU Saturday, March 1 at Halle Stadium.  Tickets are $5.00 available at the gate.  No charge for Middle School and High School rugby players.  Just mention your team and you are in free.

All ruggers and old boys are encouraged to come out and enjoy a great day of rugby.

Kickoff:  4:00

Pitch:  Halle Stadium 2616 Mt. Moriah Road   Memphis, TN

Referee:  Brad Cole

Social: Ubees Restaurant 521 South  Highland  Memphis, TN

Tiger Players Sponsored by Local Rugby

The University of Memphis has received sponsorship money for several players this season.  Four players were sponsored for $100 each by the Memphis Blues Rugby Club and one was sponsored by the Memphis Kings for $150.

The players were chosen based on playing ability, financial need and team commitment.  We are thrilled that the local rugby clubs have reached out with support of this nature.  This spring 2014 dues sponsorship winners are:

  • T.J. Hardaway
  • Adam Hairston
  • Tezman Mosley
  • Cameron Walton
  • Josiah Shipley
Blues Sponsor Tiger Jersey

Blues Sponsor
Tiger Jersey

Each season the players struggle to acquire the dues for participation.  Having the local clubs step up to show support is tremendous and is an encouragement for the entire team.

The Memphis Blues also sponsored dues for Hector and John Elmore last fall.  Along with Cole Pain Therapy Group, the Blues also sponsored the new Tiger Jersey that the players will be wearing this weekend when they take on MTSU.

This brings the Blues contribution to Tiger Rugby to $1600 so far this academic year.  These are critical dollars that we need to compete.

Several Blues and Kings have joined with Old #7 players and Tiger Old Boys to contribute to the Tiger Rugby 100 club.  Participants in the Tiger Rugby 100 club contribute $100 to Tiger Rugby.  Tiger Rugby 100 members are given trinkets to thank them for their contribution.  Persons interested in Tiger Rugby 100 can learn more here.

Others align their Kroger Plus cards so that the Tigers can get a small contribution with each purchase at Kroger.  This is a no brainer, that brings in $2000 each year.  If you have not signed up your Kroger Plus card, please do so today.  It costs you nothing and is basically free money.  Here’s how. 

Many people are so gracious to us.  We could not compete without your help.  Thanks to all who support the Memphis Tigers.

Tigers Edged by KSU in a Shootout

Kennesaw, GA.  February 22 –  The Tigers played the best game of rugby that I have ever seen them play.  The forwards have been playing very well for the past few weeks and today the backs caught up and were fantastic.  They used their speed and exceptional ball handling skills to fly thorough the KSU backline.  There was one point at the end of the first half where we scored three times in a row.  It was the prettiest rugby I have ever seen us play.

Scott Smith Man of the Match

Scott Smith
Man of the Match

Thinking the Tigers weak, KSU had left 5 of their better players off of the starting roster to give the backups playing time.  The Tigers, stiff from the six hour ride, started off slow.  But, when they got going, they took off.

Donovan Thomas started the scoring when he took it in on our “New Zealand” play from midfield.  Scott Smith flew up from fullback to take the next points on a “Double X” that would have made Dr. Wally Dyke (Old #7) proud.  Winger Anthony Smith spied a overload and came across the field from the left wing to the right to loop Scott to get the next score.  The backs got loose again on a long run that saw the ball in the hands of 4 players after it crossed the gain line. Anthony had it last and took the try.   With one minute in the first half, flyhalf John Elmore called for “New Zealand” at the 35 meter line and Thomas Strickland took the ball in from scrum half.  John converted three tries to put the Tigers ahead 36 to 22 at the half.

During the last 15 minutes of the first half, the KSU coach was about to lose it.  He was screaming profusely at

Adam Hairston Captain Best Forward

Adam Hairston
Best Forward

his players, kicking the ground and pulling his hair out.  He could not get his starters in the game fast enough.

When the second half started, we faced the KSU starting side.  Initially we had problems with their big #8.  Standing 6’4 and 250, he was a bit to handle. There were 4 other very large players in the backline and forwards.  The KSU rucking also improved.  It was also tough facing 5 fresh players after we had already played for 40 minutes.

KSU slowly got back in the game. We had a tough time stopping the big fellows.  KSU just pounded the line.  Finally, at the 20 minute mark of the second half, I could feel the tide shift.  Our players, no longer intimidated, were taking back control of the match. We were winning the rucks and we made the big boys run from side to side.

John chipped in a penalty from 15 meters out. Then Scott Smith scored his hat trick with 10 minutes in the match.  Josiah Shipley scored a try on a 5 meter penalty quick tap, but the referee didn’t see the kick and called for a re-kick.  We were climbing back into the match but the clock was not kind. The whistle blew and we were short 8 points.

TIgers and KSU

TIgers and KSU

The lads were sad about the loss, but they were heartened that they played the best team in the SIRC North close, and almost took them.  I am glad to see us playing at this level. I’m very proud of our lads.

Side: 1. Matt Hill, 2. Nick Harrison, 3. Justice Houston, 4. Chris Lemons, 5. Jonathan Bauer, 6. August Myers, 7. Sam Kordab, 8. Adam Hairston (Captain), 9. Thomas Strickland, 10. John Elmore, 11. Anthony Smith, 12. Josiah Shipley, 13. Donovan Thomas, 14. Willie Lacey,  15. Scott Smith, 16. TJ Hardaway.

Man of the Match:  Scott Smith

Best forward:  Adam Hairston

The Tigers take on MTSU Saturday, March 1 at 4:00 pm at Halle Stadium in Memphis.  $5.00 per ticket for the best show on earth.  No charge for high school students if you mention the team that you play for.  So, come out and cheer on the Tigers.


Support the Tigers by using your Kroger Plus Card- Here’s how! 

You can also suport the Tigers by joining the Tiger Rugby 100 Club.  More details here! 



Kennesaw Logistics

Kennesaw State Rugby

Kennesaw State Rugby

The Tigers take on Kennewaw State University at their house this Saturday.  The Tigers, hungry for a win came close in their last match.  This match will be a credible test for the Tigers.  KSU has a solid program with good ruggers.  However, we have fabulous athletes and we are learning our rugby fast.

Kickoff: 3:00 pm EST

Pitch: 3200 George Busbee Parkway   Kennesaw, GA

Referee: Russ Wofford

Social: Brewsters – 3595 Canton RD   Marietta, GA 30066

The Tigers will gather at 5:00am at the Central lot and will leave in 2 vans on Saturday.  We have a 6 hour drive, we lose an hour, and we need to get there in time to eat and warm up.  (Last year, the traffic in Atlanta was terrible, so we will be going through Nashville to improve our odds.)

Memphis at Georgia Southern

The Tigers traveled 11 hours to Statesboro last weekend to try Georgia Southern again.  Due to some work and personal problems, we were only able to take 15.  Unfortunately, we lost Ronnie Roberson on the kickoff.

Tigers at Georgia Southern

Tigers at Georgia Southern

Ronnie hit the kick off receiver so hard I thought he knocked him out.   They both landed in a heap.   Unfortunately, Ronnie dislocated his shoulder and was out for the match.  The remaining Tigers played a man down, up hill and faced a 23 mph head wind.  Despite these challenges, the Tigers were only down 17 points at the half.  We felt like we had a shot running down hill and with the tail wind, but were not able to make things click.  Without subs, the physical punishment began to take its toll and we were not able to put the necessary points on the board.  We ended up loosing 37 to 7.  Cameron  picked up a Georgia Southern  fumble and outran the defense  40 meters to get the Tigers on the board.  Lots of good play was demonstrated by the Tigers.  Athletically, the Tigers continue to improve, but we need  to work on wide coverage and teamwork at the rucks.

Thomas Strickland had a great day and was chosen Man of the Match.  August Myers was selected as the Best Forward for his tough play in the rucks and open field tackles.

August Myers, Jonathan Bauer and Thomas Strickland

August Myers, Jonathan Bauer and Thomas Strickland

The Tigers travel to Kennesaw State this Saturday to play on their turf field.  (They have a dedicated Rugby stadium for their club.)


Wish us well!

(Not pictured in the group shot are captain Adam Hairston and John Elmore who took the Swatzyna flight home!)


Support the Tigers by using your Kroger Plus Card- Here’s how! 

You can also suport the Tigers by joining the Tiger Rugby 100 Club.  More details here! 

Tigers Honored for First Two Matches

I finally got the photos for the Tigers who were honored in the first two matches of this season.  Here you go: 

Georgia Southern at Memphis

Thomas Strickland, Josiah Shipley and Jonathan Bauer

Thomas Strickland, Josiah Shipley and Jonathan Bauer

When the Eagles from Georgia Southern came to Memphis to test their mettle against the Tigers, Thomas Strickland was honored as Man of the Match due in part for his “pop kick and chase” try. He is a great speedster on the wing.  Jonathan Bauer was selected as the Best Forward for his solid play. Congratulations to these fine warriors.  Thanks also to the Tiger supporters who came out to the match.  We loved having you on the sidelines.

Memphis at Georgia Tech

Chris Lemons, Adam Hairston and Cameron Walton

Chris Lemons, Adam Hairston and Cameron Walton

When the Tigers traveled to Atlanta to take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, they came out on top.  Honors go to Cameron Walton as Man of the Match with two tries.  Chris Lemons was selected as the Best Forward for his dominating lineout play and solid tackling.  It was fun watching the Tigers ramble over the Georgia Tech turf.


Congratulations to these men on their accomplishments.


Support the Tigers by using your Kroger Plus Card- Here’s how! 

You can also suport the Tigers by joining the Tiger Rugby 100 Club.  More details here! 


Logistics for Georgia Southern This Weekend

Georgia Southern

Tigers:  For our match against Georgia Southern, we will be leaving from Central Ave parking lot Friday, February 14th at 1:00pm.  Arrival time approximately 11:00pm EST.

Hotel: Baymont Inn and Suites  425 S. Main Street  Statesboro, GA  PH:1-912-489-7368

Match site:  2687 Bunny Akins Blvd  Statesboro, Ga 30458.

Match kickoff:  12:00 noon on Saturday, February 15th

Referee:  Bill Gillis

After the match, we will head straight to the social and then we will leave for home.

Drive time is 9 hours.  We lose and hour going over and gain one back when we return.

2014 Tiger Rugby 100 Club

Tiger Rugby

Tiger Rugby

Dear Memphis Tiger Rugby Supporter,

The Tigers are currently engaged in SIRC conference play and we won our first conference matchup against Georgia Tech two weeks ago.  We are thrilled to see the Memphis Rugby Program continuing to improve and appreciate your support which has made success possible.

This note is to request a financial contribution to the rugby club.  All contributions are appreciated, but a donation of $100 or more places you in a special category of being a member of Tiger Rugby 100.  Our long term goal is to have the program grow to 100 supporters, providing half of the working budget for the club.  Each dollar donated is used to keep the financial pressure off of the players, many of whom have a difficult time coming up with the $250 in dues each season.

Those who wish can contribute with a credit card online at, or you can mail your check to Tiger Rugby 2845 summer Oaks Drive, Bartlett, TN  38134. Those who join the Tiger Rugby 100 Club will receive a small token of our appreciation and will be listed on the Tiger website as a supporter.

Take a few minutes today and make a contribution.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Your financial support of the team is greatly needed and appreciated.


Richard L. Cole

Head Coach