2014 Tiger Rugby 100 Club

Tiger Rugby

Tiger Rugby

Dear Memphis Tiger Rugby Supporter,

The Tigers are currently engaged in SIRC conference play and we won our first conference matchup against Georgia Tech two weeks ago.  We are thrilled to see the Memphis Rugby Program continuing to improve and appreciate your support which has made success possible.

This note is to request a financial contribution to the rugby club.  All contributions are appreciated, but a donation of $100 or more places you in a special category of being a member of Tiger Rugby 100.  Our long term goal is to have the program grow to 100 supporters, providing half of the working budget for the club.  Each dollar donated is used to keep the financial pressure off of the players, many of whom have a difficult time coming up with the $250 in dues each season.

Those who wish can contribute with a credit card online at http://TigerRugby.org/donate, or you can mail your check to Tiger Rugby 2845 summer Oaks Drive, Bartlett, TN  38134. Those who join the Tiger Rugby 100 Club will receive a small token of our appreciation and will be listed on the Tiger website as a supporter.

Take a few minutes today and make a contribution.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Your financial support of the team is greatly needed and appreciated.


Richard L. Cole

Head Coach