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Logistics for Kennesaw State at Memphis February 2

The University of Memphis Tigers host the Kennesaw State Owls in two rugby matches this weekend.  This is the first league match for the Tigers since realignment of the collegiate teams into conferences.  The Tigers opted for the South Independent Rugby Conference,  one of the toughest conferences in the south.  All guests are invited to enjoy the  match free of charge. (Bring a lawn chair and sity on the track.)   Donations to the club are appreciated.  Please see the Donate PageKennesaw State for options on how to support the Tigers.

Weekend Logistics are as follows:

Kickoff: 1:00 pm

Pitch:  Memorial Field (Campus of University of Memphis)

Referee:  Eric Fleming

Starting Side: 1. Jamie Perry 2. Ian Curry 3. Brandon Worley 4. Jonathan Bauer 5. Chris Lemons 6. August Myers 7. Adam Hairston 8. Kian Koleini (captain) 9. Tyler Mann 10. Phil Elliott 11. Tezman Mosley 12. Josiah Shipley 13. Cameron Wilson 14. Anthony Smith 15. Scott Smith

Replacements: 16. Eric Ofinowicz 17. Segen Maris 18. Mark Williams 19. Kasra Kolieni 20. J.C. Russell 21. Freddy Hodges 22. John Elmore 23. Thomas Strickland

Athletic Trainer:  David Smith

Two matches are planned for the day.  All Tigers will play this weekend.  Tigers should be at the pitch at 11:30.  Those preparing the pitch should be there at 10:30.

Social:  Ubee’s Restaurant following the second match.

Memphis/Vandy Friendly Successful

Bauer and KianMemphis and Vanderbilt, committed to separate conferences, decided to dedicate this friendly weekend to prepare for what lies ahead.  The weekend worked out wonderfully in that regard and the Tigers clearly could see the good, the bad and the ugly of our current status.  We decided on open subs and three 30 minute periods.  We would use the period breaks for coaching opportunities, and would mix players to see them in different situations.

I knew we would be rusty, expecting handling errors, but was surprised to see tactical errors as well through the match.  The holiday time off had certainly had degraded our skills.

However, there was a lot to be proud of.  The set pieces were solid, the rucks were well executed for the most part.  The biggest problem we faced was defensive alignment in the backline, along with tactical kicking and kick coverage.  (We will sort that out this week.)

Another positive for the Tigers is the fitness of the first 22 players.  It is obvious that many took the opportunity to improve their post season fitness and this gives us a base with which to work.

Vandy outscored the Tigers in the end, but we knew this was a possibility, since we worked so many new players into the match.  Best v best would have worked out differently.

Phil Elliott our top scorer for last season led the day with 10 points, scoring tries in the first and third period and dropping a conversion.  Josiah Shipley took a try in first period.  Rookie Mark scored in the second period and Kasra Koleini completed the conversion while Phil was on break.

Three cheers to coaches Swat and Mimms who effectively managed the day while Coach Cole was convalescing.

Kennesaw State travels to Memorial field this Saturday for a 1:00 pm kickoff.  Come out and watch the fireworks.    Should be lively.

Logistics for Memphis v. Vanderbilt 1/26/2013

vanderbiltKickoff 1:00 Memorial Field (Memphis)

Referee:  Brad Cole

Starting side – 1 Brandon Worley, 2 Ian Curry, 3 Eric Ofinowicz, 4 Jonathan Bauer, 5 Chris Lemons, 6 Adam Hairston, 7 Segen Maris, 8 Kian Koleini, 9 Tyler Clemons, 10 Phil Elliott,  11 Tezman Mosley, 12 Josiah Shipley, 13 Cameron Walton, 14 Thomas Strickland, 15 Scott Smith

Three 30 minute periods are planned.  All players will play.  This is our last friendly before we start with conference play and this will be our seeding review.  Players need to put their best foot forward for the match.  The video will be reviewed.

Social at Ubee’s Restaurant

Tigers Best WKU 67-12 and Storm Old Boys 17-12

The Memphis Tigers met Western Kentucky University (WKU) October 13 at Memorial Field  on a beautiful fall afternoon.  The match was scheduled as a dual match with the Storm Old Boys to play the Tiger second side following the WKU match.

The day got off to a late start due to travel problems by WKU.  The 1:30 match was finally kicked off at 3:00, which caused an early problem for the Tigers.  The lads were ready to play at 1:30 and the delay evidently effected them negatively.

Tezman Mosley took the first points, scoring a try from the wing from a nice outlet pass that worked from a lineout.  WKU collected a penalty kick and knotched a try, powering over from an 8 pickup on a 5 meter scrum.

Jonathan Brewi took another try on a nice off load by Captain Kian Koleini.  Phil kicked a ball in-goal that was covered by Thomas Strickland.  A conversion by Phil brought the halftime score to 22-8.

Though we scored some points, the Tigers came out tentative, sluggish and definitely off our game.  We out scored WKU in the first half but it was ugly rugby.  Scrums were uncontested during the first half of the game since the front row were not trained.  This also tended to throw off the Tigers.

The second half, however, was a totally different story.  We finally got our act together and the lads scored multiple tries  in rapid succession.  In the 4th minute, Nolan Wilson set up Scott Smith for a try.  Josiah Shipley broke through a ruck, picked up the ball and headed for the try line.  This is identical to the try he scored at UNA and may be his signature move…  power straight through the middle of a ruck.

At 10 minutes Nolan scored his try.  Following a push over maul, Kian scored his first points as a Tiger.  Brewi took a try at the 18th minute.

WKU picked up a try and conversion at the 20th minute due to a breakdown of our defense.  However, this would be their final points of the match.

Phil took a try for himself and Josiah downed one more.  Phil kicked all conversions which totaled 12 points.

This time last year the Tigers were looking for an offense.  They have worked very hard in practice and the work is paying off.  We need to tighten the defense and must stop kicking away good possession.  We still make some bad choices with the boot.  The remainder of our season is stacked with D-1AA teams.  These teams will capitalize on any mistakes we make.

The teams chose Phil as man of the match.  An honor he earned with his play and his boot.



Kroger supports Tiger Rugby… but we need your help to get the money.

Kroger Supports Tigers

Kroger Supports Tigers

That is right, Kroger food stores will give the Tigers cash, but we need your help to get it in our hands.  This will cost you nothing… but has the potential to provide up to $50,000 in annual support of the Tigers.  All you have to do is to tell them to send the money to the Tigers.  It is that simple.  Please do it today.

Here is how it works.  You need to attach Memphis Rugby Foundation to your Kroger Plus card.  Yes… that little card you carry in your pocket or which is attached to your key ring.  Then, Kroger will give us a portion of every dollar you spend.  This does not take away from your normal Kroger Plus benefits.

Here is what you need to do:

1.       Go to

2.      Create an account or Sign-in

3.      Click on the red button “My Account”

4.      Find “Account Settings” and select “Community Rewards”

5.      In the “Search” box enter Memphis Rugby Foundation

6.      Click on “Save” 

You are done.  Now we get a percentage of every purchase you make, including gas.

All funds go to Tiger Rugby.  We are not sure what the percent will be just yet, since this is a new program, but any money is better than nothing… and it is free.  Please sign up today and get everyone you know to sign up.  We cannot let this money lay on the table.

Thanks for supporting Tiger Rugby.

Winter Camp 2013

bengal_tigerThe Agenda is set for the Tiger Winter Camp 2013.  The following guest coaches will be in attendance:  Tony Brooks, Alex Houser, Winrech Bosman, Wally Dyke, and Tim Enos.  This coach list has over 30 years of collective select side play.  The Tiger Coaches will be there to support logistics.

Camp is Saturday, January 12 and will begin at 9:00 AM sharp.  We’ll be at Memorial Field on U of M campus.  Be there at 8:30 to get taped up.  Dress warmly in layers.  There will be lots of standing around learning.  Bring court shoes in case weather is poor.  This camp will mostly be outside, but we will go in for lunch and may have a session in the building if it is poor outside, so be prepared.

We will cover all aspects of play including offense, defense, kicking, set pieces, rucks, mauls and much more.   Most of the day will involve learning.  We will not get real physical until 4:00 when we will have a scrimmage.  It will be a controlled scrimmage with stoppages every 15 minutes for the coaches to talk to the players.  Brad Cole will be there to manage the scrimmage.  Here is the agenda for the day.  Winter 2013 Tiger Camp

Any new players who wish to join the team, now is your chance.  If you wish to join the team, contact me.  The camp is open to any full time student at the University of Memphis who wishes to play rugby.

This camp is critical to our success this fall.  It is a mandatory camp and all Tigers are expected to be there.

Coach’s 2013 Address to the Players

Coach Cole

Coach Cole

A sage once said the following:  “Thoughts shape actions, actions shape habits, habits shape character, and character shapes destiny.”

I believe this to be true.  Scripture puts it more succinctly, stating, “As a man thinks, so is he.”

As we embark on our first season in the SIRC, I wish to challenge you to take these axioms to heart.  Thought control is critical to your success on and off the field.  It applies to all areas of your life.  You will become what you think about.

So, with respect to your play, think like the high performance athlete you wish to become.  Think about what you need to eat, and feed your body well.  Think about how you need to exercise, and push your body to be faster and stronger.  Think about how you will practice, because that is the way you will play.  Think about how you will compete in matches. As you practice making good choices in your head, you will ingrain those behaviors in your head and that is the way you will eventually act.

We will start practice on Saturday, January 12 with an all day camp.  Beginning at 9:00 am, we will go over all aspects of play.  This will be more of a learning camp and less of a physical push.  This camp will be critical to our success this spring.  So. make whatever plans you need to make to ensure your attendance.

Remember that “Character shapes destiny” part?  A study at Palmer College showed that chiropractic students who played rugby were significantly more successful as physicians than those who did not.  I firmly believe that the lessons you learn in rugby create the critical dynamics for success in life.  To be successful on the field, you must discipline yourself to eat well and train on your own.  You must heed your captain and work with others to achieve a goal.  You must discipline yourself to keep your mouth shut when the referee makes calls that you don’t like.  Win or loose, you are challenged put on an attitude of goodwill after the match and share with your opponent.  The disciplines and attitudes acquired through winning rugby will develop character traits that will translate into success in life as they carry over into your studies and your professional career.

So, as we start 2013, control your thoughts… or… get your head right.  Either way you phrase it, a winning attitude is critical as we move to compete in the SIRC.

See ya in a couple of weeks.