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Memphis Makes Impressive Showing at SIRC 7’s

Seven brave souls journeyed to Tallahassee, FL over the weekend to introduce the SIRC competition to Memphis rugby.  Memphis, new to the SIRC, was seeded 12th but worked up to a 9th place showing once the matches were completed.

Memphis took on Life University, a national caliber side, for its first match and held them to 14 points in the first half.  This caught the attention of tournament officials.

Memphis lost to Central Florida next 33-12, and that was the last loss for the day.  The Tigers took South Florida 26-7 to end pool play and was upgraded to 9th place.

Following pool play the competition was reseeding and the Tigers took on Kennesaw State, winning 33-19.  To cap the day, the Tigers took on South Florida again following a one hour rain delay and outlasted them 19-17.

Tezmon Mosley used his speed to score 30 points in 5 matches.  It was very difficult for defenses to figure out his running style.  They could not shut him down.   Justin Hale was the next highest scorer with 20 points on conversions and was solid at scrum half through the day.

Thomas  Strickland took three tries.  Cameron Walton scored his first points as a Tiger taking two tries in two matches.  Josiah Shipley took two tries and Brandon Worley took one.

The brave 7 played with no substitutions, the only team to play with just 7 for the day.  Kian Koleini set the pace for the day, keeping the players engaged, focused and ready for each match.

The strategy for the day was to punch the defensive line with the power runners, Brandon, Kian, Josiah and Cameron and to skip the ball to the wings for Thomas and Tezmon to exploit.

Memphis finished 9th place out of 12 teams in its first outing in SIRC 7’s play with only 7 players, a very impressive start.

I have never been more proud of any Tiger accomplishment that I have witnessed in my time as coach of the Tigers.  I asked these men to step up and get the job done, and they did.  The Tigers are for real in the SIRC and are looking forward to the spring where these 7 will lead their brothers against some rather stiff 15s competition.   The spring schedule is set and will be posted soon.

Tigers 7’s Represent UM at SIRC

The Memphis Tigers 7’s team travel to Tallahassee, FL to represent UM in our first conference outing.  Due to logistics problems we are only sending 8 into battle, but we are very proud of the team we are sending under the leadership of Kian Koleini.

The following players stepped up and took on this challenge:  Kian Kolieni, Brandon Worley, Cameron Walton, John Elmore, Thomas Strickland, Tezmon Mosley, Justin Hale, and Josiah Shipley.

I am very proud of these players and am taking them to Tallahassee myself.

Staying at the Howard Johnson’s hotel 2726 N. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32303

Playing at FSU Sports Complex at 3705 Tyson Rd. Tallahassee, FL

Wish us well.

Tigers Travel to Harding for Match

Match this Saturday (September 29) will be against Harding University.

Kick-off at 1:00.

Referee:  Donna Thomas

Pitch:  Across the street from Pizza Hut at 906 East Beebe Capps expressway  Searcy, AR

Players to meet at Central parking lot at 8:30am on Saturday.

Starting side:  to be announced at the pitch.  All players who travel will play.  Check in with Swat for your assignments.

Ya’ll have fun.


Players For Oak Leaf Weekend!

Here are the sides that competed in the Oak Leaf Weekend.

Vandy over Tigers (30-17)

1. Dylan Carter 2. Ian Curry 3. Brandon Worley 4. Chris Cobb 5. Jonathan Bauer 6. Adam Hairston 7. Joshua Campbell 8. Kian Koleini 9. Jonathan Brewi 10. Phil Elliott 11. Thomas  Strickland 12. Cameron Walton 13. J.C. Russell 14. Anthony Smith  15. Scott Smith 16. Josiah Shipley 17. Ryan Phillips 18. August Myers 19. Freddy Hodges 20. Jay MacDonnchadah 20. Tezmon Mosley

Tigers over Tennessee Tech (37-5)

1. Stephen Smith 2. Josiah Shipley 3. Ryan Phillips 4. Tyler Mann 5. Kazra Koleini 6. August Myers 7. Joshua Campbell 8. Kian Koleini 9. Tre Copeland 10. Phil Elliott 11. Freddy Hodges 12. J.C. Russell 13. Scott Smith 14. Anthony Smith 15. John Elmore 16. Ian Curry 17. Brandon Worley 18. Adam Hairston 19. Jamie Perry 20. Thomas Strickland 21. Cameron Walton 22. Jay MacDonnchadh 23. Tezmon Mosley

Tigers over Western Kentucky (32-14)

1. Stephen Smith 2. Ian Curry 3. Ryan Phillips 4. Tyler Mann 5. Kazra Kolieni 6. August Myers 7. Jamie Perry 8. Kian Koleini 9. Josiah Shipley 10. Phil Elliott 11. Freddy Hodges 12. Cameron Walton 13. J.C. Russell 14. Thomas Strickland 15. John Elmore 16. Chris Cobb 17. Tre Copeland 18. Joshua Campbell 19. Anthony Smith 20. Jay MacDonnchadh

Tigers over Vandy (12-6)

1. Dylan Carter 2. Ian Curry 3. Brandon Worley 4. Chris Cobb 5. Jonathan Bauer 6. Adam Hairston 7. Joshua Campbell 8. Kian Koleini 9. Josiah Shipley 10. Jonathan Brewi 11. Thomas Strickland 12. J. C. Russell 13. Anthony Smith 14. Tezmon Mosley 15. John Elmore







Tigers Kind/Tough on Vandy Weekend.

The Tigers sent 28 players to Nashville this weekend to participate in the Oak Leaf Tournament hosted by the Vanderbilt Rugby Club, and the Tigers came home with the honors.  The Tigers won the weekend by winning 3 out of 4 matches, including a match against Tennessee Tech 37-5, Western Kentucky 32-14 and against host Vanderbilt 12-6 in the final match this afternoon.

Memphis lost the first match of the weekend against Vanderbilt 30-17, but received honors for the weekend since they scored more total points against the other opponents while drawing against Vandy.

The Tigers came out with more players than the other three teams and were clearly more physically prepared to play.  Further, the Tigers demonstrated poise as they controlled the ball at the ruck and provided clean ball for their backs to exploit.

More details on the matches will to follow, but this post is to thank the parents of the Tigers for raising such wonderful boys.  The gentlemen of Memphis were exemplary in their behavior through the weekend and were a credit to their parents and the university.  Referees all stated that the Tigers were a joy to call because of their positive on-field attitude and respect for authority.  Compliments were also received at the hotel where we stayed and the restaurant where we dined for post match team dinner on Saturday night.

“You have such wonderful boys” stated the owner of The Hermitage House restaurant. “They are so polite”.  These sentiments were shared wherever the boys traveled.

All three Tiger coaches commented on how mature the boys were through the weekend.  They truly represent themselves, their families and the university in the best light.

Several parents, including Drs. Dale and Carol Smith, Mr. Myers, Mrs. Brewi and Mrs. Carter were on hand to observe the weekend. They were witnesses to the boy’s good behavior.

Thanks again to the parents of the Memphis Tigers for raising such wonderful young men.   More about the matches later. (Great news!!!)



Logistics for Vandy Weekend September 22 – 23

We are traveling to Nashville for 4 matches over two days.  Here is the schedule for the weekend:


6:30 am – Gather at Central Parking log

7:00 – Leave for Nashville

11:30 – Gather at pitch at Vanderbilt – Blakemore ave and 25th Avenue south  Nashville, TN  37212

1:00 pm – Match against Vandy

3:00 – Match against Tennessee Tech

5:00 – Check into hotel – Country Inn and Suites   590 Donelson Pike   Nashville, TN  37214   (If this facility is full, family members may find rooms at the Comfort Inn and Suites which is close by.

7:00 – Team Dinner – Hermitage House 3131 Lebanon Pike  Nashville, TN -(Family members are welcome to attend the family dinner Saturday night [Cost for family members is $15.00 per person], I just need to know if they are attending so that we can notify the restaurant.)

8:30 – Tournament Party (TBA)


8:00 – Team Breakfast at Hotel

9:00 – Team meeting at Hotel

11:00 – Pre- match snack

12:00 – Hotel Check-out

1:00 Match against Western Kentucky

3:00 Match against Vandy

(Dinner on your own)

The following car assignments for travel have been made.  The driver is the first name on the list.

Car 1 – Bauer, Josh, Josiah, Adam

Car 2 – Cobb, Phil, Ian, Thomas

Car 3 – Kian, Kazra, August, Jamie, Tyler

Car 4 – Ryan, Jay, Cameron, Kyle, JR

Car 5 – Scott, Anthony, Tazmon, Brandon

Car 6 – Trey, John, Freddy, JC (friend)

Car 7 – Cole, Swat, Brandon,

Traveling on their own:  DC, Brewi, Stephen


Room Assignments: (Reserved by first name on list)

Room 1 – Bauer, Josh, Josiah, Adam

Room 2 – Cobb, Phil, Ian, Thomas

Room 3 – Kazra, August, Jamie, Tyler

Room 4 – Ryan, Cameron, Kyle, JR

Room 5 – Scott, Anthony, Tazmon, Brandon

Room 6 – JC,  John, Freddy

Room 7 – DC, Brewi, Stephen

Room 8 – Cole, Swat

Room 9 – Jay, Kian

Please contact me if you have been selected to attend and your plans change, or if you want to travel to Nashville and do not see your name here.

All persons traveling must be registered at USA Rugby and must be paying their dues.




Tigers improve at Stone’s River Tourney

The Tigers impressed all college teams with their speed, agility, ball handling and fitness during the Stone’s River 7’s tournament last weekend.  Tigers went to Stone’s River with the goal of improving their play and training new players. This tournament was perfect for this objective.  Players could come in and out of the match and will which allowed for coaching and development.

Except for the ASU match, all matches were close and Kian stated that ASU did not run over us.  We were competitive with them.  The other matches were within a try.  Though the Tigers did not win any of the three matches. The Tigers accomplished what they came to do by getting developing players time on the pitch.  The Tigers took 4 players who were new to the game this year.  Those players had a blast and are now hooked on rugby.  The team continues to build in key positions.

Coach Swatzyna was clearly impressed with the development of the squad from their showing at Elvis.  They have two more weeks to prepare for the South Independent Rugby Conference (SIRC) where they will meet Life, Florida Atlantic and Central Florida.

Awards will be passed out tomorrow by Kian, captain of the side.  He envisions three awards for the weekend and will present them tomorrow at practice.

Some photos for the Alabama game are available at the following link.!i=2089943497&k=CXBJC7K

Tigers travel to Nashville this weekend for more development matches.  This is a 15’s weekend and we are taking two sides.  We will be playing Western Kentucky, Tennessee Tech, and will play Vanderbilt twice.

Tigers Select Side for MTSU 7s Tourney

The University of Memphis Tigers will be competing at the MTSU 7s tournament  (Battle of Stones River)  this weekend and take on Arkansas State in its first match.  They will also see Alabama and MTSU through the day.

The MTSU Tournament is one of the largest and most impressive 7s gatherings in the south with 60 high school and college games played throughout the day.

The touring side selected for this match includes the following:  Kian Koleini, Phil Elliott, Scott Smith, Anthony Smith,  Justin Hale, Ian Curry, Tyler Mann, August Myers, Aimeer McCrary, Tezman Mosley and Jonathan Brewi.  Coach Swatzyna, Memphis Backs and 7s coach will travel to manage the affairs of the day.

This tournament serves as a player qualifier, along with the Elvis tournament, for our South Independent Rugby Conference (SIRC) 7s tournament that will be held in Tallahassee, Florida in two weeks.

We wish our boys well.