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Tigers Take on Wash U and SIU This February



Two new fixtures are added for February 2012.  The Tigers will host Washington University of St. Louis on the 18th of February and will travel to Carbondale, to take on Southern Illinois University.

The Tiger coaching staff is currently searching for information about these two teams.   The tigers have not ventured to the north to play in recent history.  Both SIU and Washington University had heard about the recent successes of the Memphis team and wanted to test their mettle.  “When you are winning, everyone wants to try their hand,” stated Coach Cole.  “The Tigers have been solid in collegiate play and folks just want to see how they measure up.”

Interestingly, Coach Cole played against the SIU Salukis in Carbondale when he was a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1977.  “They had a pretty good side back then,”  remembers Cole.

It is believed that the Wash U team may be new.  Dr. Bradford Cole played in St. Louis three years ago while he was a student at the Logan College of Chiropractic and played for the St. Louis Royals.  He doesn’t remember Wash U having a team.  Any Tiger supporter with knowledge of these teams should contact Coach Cole.

The Tigers learned a lot in their recent match with the Blues and are ready to use their new knowledge in collegiate competition.  The next three matches should give us a good idea where Tiger Rugby stands.


Tigers Bested by Blues


Well… we lost the match. Don’t know the score.  It was a bunch to none.

Overall, we learned a lot.  That is the best way to say it.  Though the Tigers were out matched in technique, experience and mass, the Tigers learned during the match and we were able to tighten our play and stop the bleeding.  By midway in the second half, the blues were either sufficiently pleased with the score, or we had figured out how to slow them down.  Either way, the scoring slowed precipitously during the match.

We started matching their push in the scrums at the mid point of the first half… and even took one against the head.  We carried our own in the lineouts with the excellent play of Kian and his lifters.   Though we got good short lineout ball, the Blues craftily took away the opportunity by stacking their non-lineout forwards with the backline, shutting down our wide option.

We didn’t kick particularly well in this match, and spent lots of time in our own half.  We tried to run it out several times, but were stopped on our attempts with either an aggressive tackle, or an error on our part.

I was very impressed with much of the individual play.  Our guys hit them low and hard (they needed to, since they were so big).

Much as I hate to lose, we needed to play a team that was better than us to learn and grow.  That we did.

After the Blues took us to school, they took us to Celtic, where they were gracious hosts, as usual.

Thanks to the Blues for the lesson.  We promise to put it to good use.


Memorial Field  U of M Campus – Kickoff 5:00 PM  (yes, a night game)

Referee:  John Sullivan

Selection:  1. Carter 2. Shipley 3. McCrary 4. Bauer 5. Harris 6. Campbell (Captain)  7. Cobb 8. Koleini 9. Doyle 10. Elliott (co-captain) 11. Lacey  12. Ghwaji 13. Walden 14. Hale 15. S. Smith

Alternates: Fitts, Hickman, Hairston, Downing, Brewi, A. Smith, Tapp, Booker, MacDonnchadh,


Tigers Beat Ole Miss

Memphis Tigers vs Ole Miss (away)

Ole Miss campus at Oxford, MS.   1:00pm kickoff

Referee:  Brad Cole

Selections:  1. Carter 2. Shipley 3. McCrary 4. Bauer   5. Hickman  6. Hairston 7. Cobb 8. Koleini 9. Hale  10.  Campbell (Captain) 11. Lacey 12. Terek Ghawji 13. Walden (Co-Captain) 14. Simren 15.  S. Smith

Alternates: Downing, Harris, Fitts, Doyle, A. Smith

Match Report:

The Tigers take the pitch at the opening whistle facing a motivated Ole Miss team  ready for revenge of their recent loss in Memphis.  However, the day is not kind with the temperature dropping to 39 degrees, the sun gone, the pitch wet and a 15 mph swirling wind that will effect the kicks throughout the day.

Tiger Power

The Tigers get behind early.  When Ole Miss kicks high and covers, Scott Smith does a great job of fielding the ball and is immediately dropped.  Since no support is there, he thankfully holds the ball to accept the penalty under the posts.  Very quick thinking on his part.  Ole Miss goes up 0-3

Josh standing fly half, uses the boot and swirling wind to his advantage and Old Miss helps by mishandling and knocks.  The Tigers use the foot to stay in Ole Miss territory. With the pressure on,  Ole Miss gets caught with hands in the ruck at the 15 in front of their posts.  Josh calls on Rookie Terik (KK) to drop it in.  The wind pushes KK’s kick off of the left post, but thankfully it shanks in for the Tigers to tie 3-3.

Tigers get another break when Ole Miss is caught offside on their 20 meter line.  Josh kicks in to take the Tigers up for the first time in the match 6-3.

I get sky with a little help from my friends!

Both teams make good use of the kick in the difficult field situations.  With a long Ole Miss kick moving to the goal line, Josh helps the ball in goal for and expected 22 meter drop.  However, the referee sees Josh carry the ball into goal and awards Ole Miss a 5 meter Scrum.  (After the party, the referee reviewed the call and stated that Josh was correct in his actions. Since his foot was in goal, he can help a ball moving toward in-goal without penalty.)

The Ole Miss attacks from the scrum and after 5 phases of fierce goal line hitting by both teams, the Ole Miss left winger slips in to make the score 6-8.  Thankfully, the swirling wind takes the conversion wide.

With 10 minutes left in the half, the Tigers fight inside the Ole Miss 22 and are awarded a penalty for the Rebels diving over the ball.  Captain Campbell surveys the strange angle of the 20 meter kick, looks at the wind and ignores the screams of his coach to kick for points.  He chooses to take the Ole Miss forwards head on.  He pops a kick to himself, hands the ball to the forwards and “game on”. For 4 minutes and 10 phases of play, the forwards, with help from Doyle and Josh, pound at the goal line gaining and losing ground.  Finally, Josiah, finds a crack in the defense and plows under the posts to score for the tigers.  Josh chips in the conversion and the tigers feel more comfortable at 13-8.

North and south!

Feeling good going into the locker room at the half, the tigers are up-beat and optimistic.  The first half battle was not without loss, however.  The last play left Josiah with a deep thigh bruise that would finally pull him from the match.

The boys know that the first 10 minutes of the second half is critical and the kickoff finds both teams in a tough brawl played between the 22s.   Kicking keeps the Tigers out of trouble.  Great lineout and scrum play give our backs clean ball to use.  However, the Ole Miss backs will not bend and the fight goes on.

With 20 minutes left in the match, Ole Miss finally caught a break when fielding a kick that failed to find touch.  They slipped few tackles and their backline went on attack with a 60 meters scamper touched by 10 players to score under the posts.  Ole Miss goes up 13-15.

With 10 minutes left in the match, DC breaks three tackles from a ruck at the Ole Miss 40 and makes for the goal line.  He is hit at the 20 and forms a maul with his support.  The Tigers smell blood and all forwards are in on the play as they drive the maul to the posts.  As the maul goes into goal, the ball pops loose and Lee (now playing hooker) fights to dive on the ball. With a conversion from Josh the Tigers are on top again 20-15.

The last 10 minutes of the match was fierce.  Ole Miss was very motivated and the scoreboard was screaming that the time was running out and the “visitors” were on top.  However, the tigers were able to hold them off for the win.

Man of the match for his excellent play in lineouts, scrums and open field play was Kian Koleini.

Man of the Match vs Ole Miss!

Lee Downing was awarded a medal for his contribution to the game with excellent play and ability to contribute at several positions including Wing Forward and Hooker.

Lee Downing Outstanding Player against Ole Miss

Scoring: Joshua Campbell 7 points,   Josiah Shipley 5 points, Lee Downing 5 points and Terek Ghawji 3 points

Coaches Comments:  The boys played hard and earned this win.  They played with incredible intensity and took their job seriously.  Besides their hard hitting, I remain very encouraged by the attitude they bring to the game.  They encourage each other during the game.

Tigers beat Ole Miss!

This attitude is in sharp contract to the internal conflict that we have observed while playing other teams.  They listen to their captain, and work together as a team…. not focusing on referee calls but concentrating on their personal responsibility for the next play.  It is a pleasure watching these players maturing as a formidable team.   Coach Cole

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