2012 Playoff Dates Changed (updated 3-1-2012)

Now we are shooting for March the 24th to play the first round of the South D2 playoffs.  We are still playing against Western Carolina and East Carolina… two games on the Saturday in Cullowhee, NC.

We are contacting Western Kentucky who was scheduled for that date and hoping they can come down on the 17th to tune us up.  We are talking to Harding about a match on 3/31.

For the playoffs, we’ll need to travel up on Friday (11 hours) and will return on Sunday.  We are making a budget for the trip and will make an attempt to raise the funds to cover most of the expenses.

Kick-off for our first match is at 11:00am against East Carolina.  We will play the first and third games in the tournament which gives us the greatest opportunity for advancement.  It provides us the greatest rest period between matches.

If we win the tournament, the second round is still scheduled for April 14th in Columbus, GA, for what I understand to be a two team playoff between the winner of our tournament and the Buyou Conference.  The winner of this game goes to the USA semifinals on April 28 and 29.  The date and location of the finals for D2 have not been set just yet.

Keep your eyes on www.TigerRugby.org for details.